Power Transmission Products

Let’s talk about power transmission products. These are the belt drives, couplings, roller chain and sprockets that keep industry moving and producing in the UK and worldwide.

Whether for planned maintenance or emergency repairs, rapid response, professional help to identify correct parts, and fast delivery gets your machinery working.


With over £1m of stock, four decades’ experience and one of the most helpful teams in power transmission, we’re often the first call when businesses like yours need the right part, first time and fast as possible.


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More about power transmission products

Here’s a selection of power transmission parts and components we’ve supplied for years. Customers love the breadth and depth of stock that we hold. Now, what do you need?


  • V & wedge belt drives (SPZ, SPA, SPB, SPC)
  • Timing belt drives (XL, L, H, T5, T10, 5M, 8M)
  • Couplings: spider, chain and gear
  • Roller chain (attachments, lube-free and stainless)
  • Sprockets: taperlock and pilot bore
  • Clutches: sprag, duo-cam, and freewheel


And here are some of the sectors we already supply:


  • Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in areas including packaging, conveyors & handling.
  • Process industries, including food and pharmaceuticals.
  • Agricultural equipment and machinery.
  • Special-purpose machinery.
  • Brick, tile and quarrying industry.
  • Environmental and energy industry.


Advice on buying power transmission equipment

With decades of experience in power transmission, there isn’t much we haven’t seen, or supplied, over the years. Customers value our experience. And how they can count on a friendly, knowledgeable welcome to their enquiry in-branch, on the phone or via the internet.


Here’s our advice for saving time and money and avoiding disappointment when choosing power transmission products:


  1. Make sure you pick the right product for the task. For instance, think about drive belts with specialist membranes designed for grass cutting machines. Standard belts don’t last well when they double-back through complicated drive trains. On the other hand, purpose-designed belts are meant to flex both ways and perform reliably for years under tough conditions.
    Drive belts are just one example. You’ll find many more across our product ranges. Please ask our professional specialists for advice from. They’ve probably encountered the same product selection challenge before.
  2. Don’t always choose the cheapest. With so much at stake in power transmission, short-term savings can mean long-term cost when belts, clutches or chains fail early. With chains, be particularly careful if the product is used in a highly aggressive environment such as a brine wash-down or with animal waste. Under these circumstances, the difference between choosing mild steel or higher quality materials can easily be a service life of weeks rather than years!
  3. Avoid incorrect substitutions. For instance, fitting simple jointed timing belts where the application demands a special moulded, endless belt. It’s easily done, especially as the majority of belts are jointed. If you ever have to use a lower-spec belt for emergency repairs, make sure to replace it with the correct moulded belt as soon as possible. Not doing so is false economy that can lead to cost and inconvenience in future.
  4. Whether for belts or other power transmission equipment, consider keeping a few spares on site. Imagine what a lifesaver this could be in the event of a failure. If (when) a part fails, the convenience benefit of holding a small parts stock should outweigh the cost of the stockholding. We’ll help you decide on the spares to hold.


There’s no substitute for helpful advice

Please remember these tips and share them with anyone who’d benefit. And remember that we’re available by phone, email or in-branch to help you choose the right power transmission products and consumables.


Whether you’re food processing, poultry rearing, manufacturing or handling materials, you’ll find that we’ve got, or can quickly get, the power transmission parts and components that you need.

Call +44 (0) 1923 or email us now for parts and advice you can count on.

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