Oilite & Glacier bushes, bearings

Oilite® is a proprietary material (a trademark of Beemer Precision, Inc) from which self-lubricating bearings and bushes are manufactured for wide-ranging engineering applications.

Even with our considerable experience in engineering supplies, we can’t quite match the 80-plus years that Oilite impregnated self-lubricating bearings have kept machinery operating since Chrysler developed the material in the 1930s.


Glacier Garlock Bearings (GGB), currently an EnPro Industries company, has a comparable history. In its case, with a wide range of high-performance Glacier bushes and bearings manufactured from combinations of metals and polymers.


For decades, customers have relied on our ability to supply a wide range of Oilite and Glacier products for manufacturing, maintenance or emergency repairs. In all cases, rapid response and professional technical support from our team simplifies identification of the correct item. Then fast delivery gets your machinery working again…

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More about buying Oilite and Glacier

The Oilite and Glacier ranges are massive and cover a huge range of engineering applications. That’s why it makes sense to let us use our knowledge and experience to locate and supply the bushes and bearings you need.


Here’s a small selection of Oilite and Glacier products that we supply from stock or to order:


  • Oilite bushes: AMC, AMF, Metric and Imperial
  • Glacier bushes: MB-DU, MB-DX, FMB (Metric and Imperial)
  • Metric plain: 3mm to 120mm
  • Metric flanged: 3mm to 120mm
  • Imperial flanged: 0.187” to 4.50”
  • Imperial washer: 0.500” to 3.50”
  • Cored and solid bar: 9.5mm to 160mm


As well as diverse high-performance engineering applications, self-lubricating/lubrication-free bushes and bearings are also widely used for low-tech applications such as playground equipment and other equipment where durability and freedom from regreasing are important for specifiers.


Tips for using and storing Oilite and Glacier bushes

In simple terms, Oilite bushes consist of porous sintered-bronze that’s oil-impregnated to make them self-lubricating. Glacier bearings are steel-backed bushes faced with low-friction material such as Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). They only require marginal lubrication and can, depending on the specific material, operate dry. Please call for advice related to your application.


Storing sintered-bronze bushes – based on many years’ experience, here’s one of the simplest, yet most important, practical tips we give for sintered-bronze self-lubricating bushes. Because the bushes are impregnated with lubricant, we’ve found that storage in cardboard boxes can lead to the lubricant gradually being drawn out of the bush. On occasions, we’ve seen this cause disappointment and inconvenience when the product needs to be used. To avoid this, we recommend that you store sintered-bronze, oil-impregnated bushes in plastic bags that won’t draw out the oil.


Technical support by phone or email

At Evoke Supplies, we thrive on challenge. Maybe you need Oilite bushes in French Metric or Scandinavian Metric sizes? Or perhaps you aren’t sure exactly which Glacier product will replace a worn-out bush in a demanding construction application.

Whatever your requirement, chances are that with our experience and close relationships with Oilite and Glacier, we’ve seen your challenge before. Our team is ready to receive your call or email and help you choose the right product.

Call +44 (0) 1923 261 777 or email us today for Oilite and Glacier parts and advice you can count on

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