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When building the pyramids, the Egyptians understood how the shortest path between two points is a straight line. They developed and successfully used linear motion systems that were the forerunners of the linear motion equipment that’s so important in modern industry.

How will our specialist knowledge of sourcing and supplying linear motion parts and components help you? With over four decades’ experience, and one of the most helpful teams in engineering supplies, we’re the first call for many engineers when they need linear motion components and support.


Whether it’s THK carriages or INA rails, we’ll help you complete another installation or repair successfully. Your reputation for getting the job done is safe with us…

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More on linear motion parts and components

The basic principles of linear motion (LM), using rolling-contact profiled rail systems, still underpin industrial systems that demand maximum precision and economy.


Movement is only part of the story

Movement is only part of a linear motion system. To make modern mechatronic systems possible requires a range of supports, drives, guides, seals, lubrication and accessories. Whether you’re designing a new system or updating one, we can help. Our knowledge, experience and technical support complements your engineering skill. We’re here to make sure you have the right parts and components.


Protect your project’s critical path

Like us, you understand that this is a specialised area where almost-imperceptible differences between outwardly-identical components can determine project success or failure. Your project’s critical path is at risk if incorrect parts are ordered. Because of this, sourcing and supplying linear motion components demands special care, accuracy and knowledge borne of decades in production engineering.


Everything you need for the trickiest installations

Does your project involve a micro linear-motion system or heavy industrial applications with robots and machine tools? Either way, our knowledge, experience and contacts give you everything you need for LM installations in the most specialised environments.


Save time and money when sourcing linear motion parts

Right-first-time sourcing saves you time and money when you specify and install linear motion systems for applications such as these:


  • Machine tools (inc. milling machines and CNC machining)
  • Industrial robotics
  • Manufacturing
  • Medical and assistive applications
  • Semiconductor manufacture
  • Automotive assembly


Confidence starts with our stock range

At the heart of any linear motion system is a frame, guides, drive mechanism and control system. To quickly, accurately, source and supply the linear motion parts and components you need requires on-the-shelf stocks and access to specialist suppliers worldwide.


To reassure you that we can often supply over the counter, our linear motion stock range includes these:


  • Linear motion carriages
  • Ball bushings
  • Ball screws
  • Ball splines
  • Precision-ground shafting
  • Linear actuators


What’s more, because refurbishment may be cost-effective for linear motion equipment, we offer a ball screw refurbishment service too. For more details, please contact us


Global sourcing of linear motion components

We regularly source linear motion parts and components from a worldwide network of trusted suppliers. We’ve developed this over more than 30 years. Sometimes, we even use this network to source parts and components that others believe to be unobtainable. Customers like that…

They also like how our accumulated knowledge, and mature supplier network, differentiates us from less well established engineering supplies firms. They’re the ones who often sell from catalogues with little, if any, practical experience of real-world engineering. Compare that to our experience, actually working with parts and components in industry. Now, who would you rather trust for your linear motion parts and advice?


Technical support by phone or email

We thrive on helping you harness the capabilities of linear motion and understand that you will often know what you want. Our role is to interpret that requirement and source it quickly and correctly.

Long experience and close relationships with leading suppliers of linear motion guides, rails, ball screws, bushings and actuators, means our friendly, knowledgeable, team is an indispensable project partner.

Call +44 (0) 1923 261 777 or email us now for linear motion parts and components you can count on

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