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Filters are filters are filters… Well no; despite what some people think. As engineering professionals, we both know that the heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) filter category is a minefield for the unwary.


That’s because there’s a multitude of different sizes and types, performance characteristics and filter qualities. They wait to catch the unwary, waste your time and money and cause embarrassment when they’re supplied incorrectly…


Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be like that. After decades in engineering supplies, HVAC filters are another of our specialities. From filter media and disposable filter panels, to fan belts and site surveys, we take care of everything associated with HVAC filtration. That way, you can get on with business, safe in the knowledge that the right filter is doing the right job at the right price.

If HVAC filters feature in your building, project or business, we can help, fast, accurately and backed by technical support you can trust. Call +44 (0) 1923 261 777 or email us today.


More on sourcing HVAC filters

HVAC filtration involves much more than just the physical filters. To get the right answer to your HVAC filter requirement involves disciplines ranging from site survey, field experience, fast sourcing of filters and sound pre- and after-sales advice. Here are some aspects of HVAC filtration that we can help with:


  • Synthetic Filter Media
  • Fan Coil Filters
  • Disposable Filter Panels
  • Bag Filter
  • Mounting Frames
  • Multi-Wedge Cassettes
  • Hepa Filters
  • Activated Carbon
  • Validation & Testing
  • Ventilation Monitoring
  • Indoor air quality (IAQ) Testing
  • Ductwork Cleaning
  • Free Site Surveys
  • Filter Contract & Disposal
  • Microbiological Sampling
  • Local exhaust ventilation (LEV ) testing
  • Kitchen extract cleaning
  • Fan belts


You can’t see your HVAC challenge here? Just call us or email and we’ll help you with that too. We love challenges!


Advice for HVAC filter buyers

HVAC filtration is such a huge area that it’s impossible to give exhaustive advice here. That’s what our friendly team does at our four UK branches and online ordering centre.


What we can provide here, after decades meeting the needs of industry, catering, building designers and facilities managers, are some tips that have stood the test of time. The following will, we believe, continue to be relevant for successful specification, use and storage of HVAC filtration media:


  1. Never cut corners on HVAC filter replacement – equipment manufacturers’ replacement intervals are set for a reason. That reason is to ensure that the heating, ventilation and air-conditioning equipment works correctly and safely. And that’s essential to maintain indoor environments for people, plant and premises. Dirty filters reduce the energy efficiency of air-conditioning and other plant. And they cause systems to be overworked.
  1. Plan ahead and keep appropriate filters in stock – we’re not suggesting that you fill your premises with filters. However, experience shows it’s wise to keep a small selection of filters on site, as indicated by your building’s filter maintenance schedule.
  1. Store filters correctly – allied to the previous point is the need to store filters correctly. This doesn’t require expensive measures or facilities, but you should keep filters somewhere dry and well ventilated. Too often, we get panic calls from customers who stored HVAC filters in slightly damp switch rooms or stores. Unfortunately, ‘out of sight and out of mind’ often leads to damp doing damage over time. The result? The filters are falling apart and unusable when they’re needed.
  1. Know the required filter sizes – make sure this information is in your routine filter replacement schedule. That way, even in future, you can quickly order/reorder correct filters first time.
  1. Build a strong relationship with an experienced HVAC filter supplier – someone who can give advice based on practical experience, not just what filter manufacturers’ catalogues say! For matching minimum efficiency reporting values (MERVs) to your system’s requirements, or advising on different filter types, practical experience and knowledge consistently beats being able to navigate a shelf-full of catalogues!


Meeting your routine and emergency filter requirements

With a filter replacement schedule in place, you’ll probably do a routine HVAC filter change quarterly. We’ll help make this as straightforward as possible and can often supply filters from stock. Sometimes, this won’t be possible, due to special filter characteristics or sizes. That’s when our close working relationships with leading specialist filter manufacturers come into their own. We can often arrange rapid order turnaround in a few days, rather than the longer delivery times quoted by non-specialist suppliers.


Ask about the HVAC filters and services you need

We could go on about the products we offer to support your HVAC filter requirements, our service and our close relationships with filter manufacturers…

It’s all true, but the best way to experience the difference we make is to contact us with your question or order. Call +44 (0) 1923 261 777 or email us now

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