Electric motors and gearboxes

According to some sources, Scottish monk Andrew Gordon created the first electric motors in the eighteenth century. Since then, the interaction of electric current and magnetic fields has developed into modern industry’s highly efficient motors.

Since launching our business (not in Gordon’s time, we’d add), a speciality has been supplying, maintaining and repairing electric motors and gearboxes. From tiny 0.06kW motors to 1mW workhorses, we know our foot mounts from our flange mountings, EFF2 from EFF and inverter integration. We also make sure we stay current with fast-changing motor-efficiency legislation. That way we can always give you best possible advice…


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More on electric motors and gearboxes

Over several decades, there isn’t much we haven’t seen, or successfully sourced, when it comes to electric motors and gearboxes for engineering in the UK, Europe and worldwide. Have we mentioned how we regularly supply customers around the globe? Here are some of the parts and components we supply – often from stock:


  • Foot- and flange-mounted electric motors (0.06kW–1000kW).
  • Electric motor gearboxes (inc. spur, worm, helical and inline).
  • Brake motors.
  • Energy efficient motors (EFF2 and EFF1 designation under the Motor Efficiency Labelling Scheme).
  • DC motors and controls.
  • Motor repairs and rewinds.
  • Gearbox repairs.
  • Electric motor installation.
  • Inverter Integrated electric motor supply and repair.
  • A wide range of mountings, motor alignment and sizes.


Experience with leading motor and gearbox manufacturers

Our customers value the knowledge and experience we’ve gained over several decades working on motors and gearboxes from manufacturers such as these:


  • SEW-Eurodrive
  • David Brown
  • Renold
  • Flender Nord
  • Parvalux
  • Bonfiglioli


Advice with integrity

All that experience with motors and gearboxes certainly proves handy with modern installations. But we’ve also got the knack for sourcing parts and components for older equipment. We’ve built a reputation on integrity and honest advice. That’s important when you need help choosing a rewind and complete replacement of an old motor.


Tips for identifying your electric motor or gearbox

It’s impossible to capture so many years’ experience in one website. That’s why we’ve built a team of knowledgeable advisors to help you over the counter, on the phone or by email. In the meantime, here’s some advice to help you help us to identify obscure motors or gearboxes when they require work:


  1. Two- or three-phase motors – most modern motors operate on three-phase power, but some two-phase circuits still exist. It’s important to know this so we can shorten the list of possible motors when other identifying information isn’t available.
  2. Photographs of motors always help – clear, high resolution images are all we usually need to start identifying your motor or gearbox, even if the manufacturer’s plate is lost after years of use.
  3. Shaft and frame measurements – as you know, motors with the same rating are often built in different-sized frames. We’ll need to identify the correct dimensions and establish where your motor’s shaft, enclosure, connectors and ancillaries fit in the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) rating system. With this established, we can be sure of providing the correct replacement motor or gearbox.
  4. Remove the front plate – taking the front plate off is a good way to see how many poles the motor has. This is another helpful source of information when identifying a motor.
  5. New versus replacement – there are good reasons why we sometimes recommend new motors instead of rewinds. After decades of use, refurbishing your trusty industrial motor may seem like an obvious solution when it stops working. However, much as we like repairing and reconditioning industrial motors and gearboxes where possible, there’s often a good business case for replacing them with a modern motor. This is especially true for motors rated under 7 or 8kW. That’s because we can often supply a new motor from stock, rather than asking you to wait weeks for a refurbished motor. What’s more, new motors can save you money and lower operating costs. How? Through the efficiency improvements that have accrued over several decades of motor technology progress. And there’s usually a two or three-year manufacturer’s warranty too.


Call or email for sales or technical support

Industrial electric motors and gearboxes are inextricably linked with engineering. That’s why we wouldn’t even try to cover the subject exhaustively, or fully document decades of knowledge and experience here.


Instead, please contact us with your questions and enquiries. All we ask is the opportunity to demonstrate the customer service and responsiveness that our existing customers enjoy.


Let’s talk industrial electric motors and gearboxes and keep yours doing what they’re designed for, reliably, efficiently and cost-effectively.


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