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Bearings, be they ball bearings, roller bearings, needle bearings or rod ends, are typically tucked away inside machinery that keeps industry moving, producing, delivering and conveying …

Unseen by all but those who work on them, these unsung engineering heroes make movement possible. That’s why, whether it’s for manufacturing, maintenance or emergency repairs, fast response, accurate identification of the correct bearing and rapid delivery are vital to get machinery working and protect your engineering reputation.


With over £1m of stock, decades of experience and one of the most helpful teams in engineering supplies, we’re often the first call when industry needs the right bearing, first time and fast as possible from a trusted supplier.


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More on choosing and buying bearings

With so many different sizes and types, and so many different industrial applications, one of the best ways to save time when you need bearings is to get specialist advice. If you can tell us the exact specification or send a picture, that’s a bonus. But don’t worry if you can’t. After decades specialising in bearings, we can find most things for you.


During WW2, to support British industry, daring mariners risked their lives crossing the North Sea to collect consignments of prized Swedish ball bearings (kullager) from remote coves on Sweden’s coast. Nowadays, sourcing bearings for your business is much easier. Our customers love how we can identify and procure the most obscure bearings – sometimes when others can’t!


Here’s a selection of bearing types that we supply. There’s also a handy ready reckoner to help you establish what you need and cross-reference bearings from the main manufacturers:


  • Ball bearings: 6205, 2305, 5205 RLS5, EE5
  • Roller bearings: N, NU, LRJ, MRJ
  • Taper roller bearings: 30205, 11949
  • Needle bearings: HK, RNA, AXK, NKIS
  • Self-lube bearings: NP, SF, SFT, UCP
  • Loose balls and rollers: Metric & Imperial
  • Miniature bearings: 683, DDL
  • Rod-end: GE, GK, RBJ, SIQG, SC


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Top tips when choosing bearings

To help you choose the correct bearing, here are a few important considerations:


  1. What kind of bearing is it? – bearings are usually open (you can see the bearings in their race), shielded (protected by a simple dust shield) or sealed (completely enclosed by a metal or rubber casing).

    Only the latter gives full protection against moisture ingress and corrosion. For obvious reasons, the correct choice is essential if the bearing is to have a long life. It’s not unknown for shielded bearings to be inadvertently substituted for sealed bearings, with disastrous consequences… We’ll help you avoid the cost and inconvenience of this.

  2. What’s the application? – as well as considering whether the bearing must work reliably in damp or dusty environments, the temperature regime of the application (in particular, the ambient and operating temperature range) must be carefully considered if the bearing is to perform correctly. From low temperature applications to demanding ‘C3’ high temperature use, choosing the right bearing is critical for an optimum combination of price and service life.

  3. Bearing size – here are three important dimensions that you need to tell us about when ordering:

    • Inside diameter
    • External diameter
    • The width of the bearing
  4. Quality – for a given bearing size and application, several quality levels are usually available. Sometimes, perhaps for an application such as a garden wheelbarrow, cheaper bearings will do. But in other cases, such as high-precision CNC spindles, skimping on quality will prove costly when an under-specified bearing fails early, leading to costly plant stoppage, delays while replacements are obtained and loss of face. Don’t worry; we’ll help you choose suitable bearings for your application.


There’s no substitute for helpful phone or email support

Please bear these tips in mind and remember that we’re available by phone, email or in-branch to help you choose the right bearings. Sometimes, of course, it’s just easier to throw a problem at the professionals…


Whether you’re in manufacturing, precision engineering or restore classic Aston Martins worth millions, we’ll find the perfect bearing for your job – with no clandestine trips to Sweden required!

Call +44 (0) 1923 261 777 or email us now for bearings and advice you can count on.

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