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What’s the role of conveyor systems and belting in your operation? For us, it means manufacturing process and conveyor belts for a wide range of industries.


Our speciality is belts with synthetic covers made from materials such as PVC, polyurethane and polyethylene. Our belts are available in virtually any length, width, strength and thickness. Because of this, we’re confident of meeting your requirements.


Although we don’t currently make or repair rubber conveyor belting used for outdoor applications in the extractive industries, who knows how this part of our business will develop in future…


In the meantime, whether you’re sourcing new conveyor belting, or urgently need to repair or replace worn belts, please call us first. That call or email is all it takes to access the expertise of our belting expert, and co-director, Jim Marshall and his team.


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More on conveyor equipment and belting

Can you see your industry or industrial application listed below? These are just a selection of the many applications that we support with rapid, bespoke, conveyor belt manufacture and supply. And with every belt you get the technical support that comes from years of experience in this field.


Food Processing: biscuits, bread, cakes, snack foods, confectionary, vegetables, meat, fish, dairy produce, tobacco, coffee and tea.


Materials Handling: includes airport terminals, post offices and logistics distribution centres.


Agriculture and horticulture: harvesting and conveying fruit, vegetables and plants.


Chemical industry: fertilisers, rubber, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, soaps and detergents.


Print and paper: printing works, corrugated board and paper finishing.


Textiles: spinning and weaving mills, dye-works, clothing and floor coverings.


Building materials: brick, insulation materials and timber.


Electronic components: assembly and packaging lines.


Heavy industry: steelworks and cable handling.


Other special applications: from supermarket check-out counters to jogging machines.


We manufacture our own belting

Unlike many conveyor belting suppliers, we’ve invested heavily in manufacturing our own high quality conveyor belts. We don’t buy-in finished belts from other manufacturers. Instead, we cut belting off the roll, to your required length, and join it ourselves. Doing this saves you time and money compared to waiting while one of the majors manufactures your order to their schedule…


The benefits include the following:


  • Flexibility (special belt lengths are easy to make).
  • Bespoke finishes, including sealed anti-fray edges and ‘flighted’ profiles for inclined belt runs.
  • We save you time by quickly supplying custom-length belts (if required, we’ll manufacture 24/7 to get you back in action).
  • Because we’re manufacturers, we know exactly how to make rapid, durable, repairs to damaged belting so you get back in operation as soon as possible.


How fast is our rapid response service?

Let’s just say that you wouldn’t be the first customer to request emergency belt repairs on a Friday evening. Or the first that we’ve visited over a weekend after making a new belt on Friday night. Or the first whose production resumed on Monday morning with minimum disruption and time, money and reputations saved. Imagine trying to get service like that from a major belt manufacturer through an independent stockist…


Top tips for sourcing bespoke conveyor belting

From experience, here are some tips for successfully specifying new or replacement conveyor belting:


  1. Application is everything – different products and materials put different demands on conveyor belting and determine the specification of the belt we make for you. For instance, food processing requires very different belts to airport baggage carousels.
  2. Make your calculations, then double-check them – while many conveyor belt installations are easy to measure up, some are more complicated and can easily lead to miscalculation.

    For instance, the basic formula for conveyor belt length is ‘two-times belt length plus the pulley diameters’. However, some conveyor systems feature additional idlers and pulleys underneath the belt. These are easily overlooked, in which case the standard calculation formula won’t give a sufficiently long belt. Even with a bespoke belt manufacturer like us, incorrect measurement can delay your order. If in doubt, please ask for help and advice as early as possible in the specification process.

  3. Seeing is important – if there are no manufacturer’s markings on your old belt, we’ll usually need to see it to establish exactly what material it is and what detailing is required (for instance, sealed edges).

  4. Profile matters too – where conveyor runs must convey material on inclines, non-standard chevron profiles or ‘flights’ may be needed. The requirement for different profiles for different conveyor applications is another reason why we prefer to see an existing belt or understand your objectives for a new installation. Sometimes good photography will suffice, but we’ll often need to visit your site – it’s all part of the service.

With PVC and polyurethane conveyor belt systems taking so many different forms in different applications, you can see why our bespoke service quickly gives you the most suitable belt system for your requirements.


Because we’re flexible, as well as fast, you know we’ll do everything possible to save you time and money, while optimising the performance of your new or repaired conveyor system.


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