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We could tell you we’re among the UK’s premier suppliers of engineering spares. And that we supply everything from power transmission products and electric motors to conveyor equipment and lubricants.

And because we’ve got integrity, everything we say will be true. Just ask our existing customers about sourcing engineering supplies, parts, components and consumables from a long-established company, Someone with a solid grounding in the nuts and bolts of engineering…

Discover for yourself. Call +44 (0) 1923 261 777 or email us now for engineering supplies, technical support and engineer-to-engineer advice you can trust.

More about engineering supplies

You may also be interested to know we’ve been in business for several decades. Or that we’ve lost count of how many combined years of engineering supplies expertise our growing team has… That experience comes into its own when you need routine engineering supplies, emergency repairs to business-critical plant or you’re designing an advanced linear motion system.

Experience at engineering’s sharp end

Then there’s the fact that our co-owners Peter and Terry come from hands-on engineering backgrounds. And that they’ve worked tirelessly to build strong connections with leading suppliers around the world. The kind of cast-iron relationships that save you time and money, and protect your reputation when you face tricky engineering challenges.

Fast, reliable delivery to Watford (or India)

The clock’s ticking and you urgently need parts or consumables to finish the job and get equipment working again.

That’s when we’re sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised how wide an area we cover with same day van deliveries. Delivering from our Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Kent and Norfolk branches, a 60 to 80 mile radius isn’t unusual. And if you’re further afield, there’s our reliable, UK and international delivery service.

Real knowledge, not just what catalogues say

Our customers also like the way we only offer products and services that we have the stock and knowledge to support. Anyone can quote from a catalogue, but it takes a special kind of supplier to complement that information with practical experience in factories, transport, processing plants and other engineering applications. It’s the key to getting your order right first time and on its way to you fast and securely.

Our other secret advantage is our team, the 15 people (and growing) who look after you when you contact us. Imagine how they’ll save you time and give valuable advice when you visit our UK trade counters, phone or email for sales and technical support.

We look forward to welcoming you to our four branches, speaking on the phone, or answering your online enquiry.

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